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Smartheart Puppy Beef and Milk Flavor

Smartheart Puppy Beef and Milk Flavor
Smartheart Puppy Beef and Milk Flavor

- Enhancement of brain development : DHA (from fish oil) and Colin (from lecithin) enhance brain development and nervous system functions.

- Help the heart be healthy: Omega-3 fatty acid from fish oil for a healthy heart.

- Strengthen the immune system: Vitamin E and Selenium help strengthen the immune system.

- Healthy digestive system: With easy-to-digest ingredients, the product helps to absorb nutrients in a optimal manner.

- Healthy skin and hair: Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids balance and ensure healthy skin and shiny hair.

- Healthy bones and teeth: Calcium and Phosphorus make hip bones strong and make teeth healthy.

Ingredients: SmartHeart food for puppies meets your puppy's nutritional needs by using the best quality ingredients, supplemented with Milk, Fish Oil, DHA and Omega-3 fatty acid, Lecithin which is rich in Colin, helps enhance brain and nervous system development, enhances cardiovascular health.

Thành Phần Dinh Dưỡng:

Protein At least 26%
Fat At least 10%
Fiber Up To 4%
Moisture Up To 10%
ME   3400 kcal/kg

Packaging: 500gm, 1.5Kg, 3Kg, 8Kg.

Origin: Thailand

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in cool and dry place

Shelf life: 18 Months